Beverly Hills Trip

What a marvelous trip to Beverly Hills, CA. It was a great little get away and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Bright sunshine, cool breeze and not as humid as it is here in Maryland.

The Garmin my kids gave me for Christmas, was a life saver. Although we had help getting where we wanted to go, by asking hotel staff and waiters, the Garmin gave us that added confidence we needed while driving in unfamiliar areas.

I broke up the trip here into seperate pages. Just click each day to see what we did.

Day One - The Mosaic Hotel and Lunch at The Nosh of Beverly Hills

Day Two - The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Dinner at Roni's Diner

Day Three (part 1) - Santa Monica Beach and Pier

Day Three (part 2 ) - Rodeo Drive

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed my little tour but, I must say, there's nothing like being there.


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