Ways to Use Social Media Marketing as Part of Your Work at Home On-Line Marketing Plan

Social media marketing is more than a fad. It’s an amazing way to market to the whole world. Social network sites have been around for a few years, and in the beginning, were just that - Social. Now people are realizing that if they use them to their full potential, social network marketing can increase traffic, which in turn, results in increased sales.

Since most social networking sites are free, it is a cost effective way to build your work at home on-line business. As with anything, consistency is the key and will go a long way to increase your on-line presence.

Using a blog is an excellent way to communicate with your friends and potential customers. Use your blog to show off YOU. Encourage your readers to leave a comment so that you can receive feedback on your content. Keeping a dialog going through your own comments adds fresh content to you blog.

Using other people's blogs helps in establishing yourself as an expert. Finding other blogs within your own niche and offering your own comments will provide additional information to their readers, adding more exposure for you as the expert.

Connect with people in Facebook, MySpace and the like. These sites have become a great way for people to connect both socially and professionally. Sometimes it’s difficult to mix business with pleasure on these sites. Keeping it in balance is the key. I personally, don’t like to be bombarded with self promotion on these networks.

Using groups in social medias is an excellent way to communicate about your niche. Find a group to join or create your own to reach your potential customers and get communication going that way.

Twitter is all the rage lately. It’s a social media site where you leave comments in less than 140 characters. Short and sweet. Connect with people by following them and allow people to follow you. Post the link to your blog or website in your bio. In your comments, keep a balance between social and self promotion, but certainly post links that would be helpful to your followers. Getting your followers to know you better is the focus.

Adding videos to blogs have become increasingly popular. If you are not camera shy, it’s a great way to get prospective customers to know you better. It can be informative and entertaining. I like being able to put a face to the name. If you put a video on your blog, post it on YouTube. YouTube is another way of reaching out to people.

Social networking can be time-consuming. It depends on what works for you and your prospective customers. It can be easy to get carried away chatting and following, forgetting that your focus is to run your business. Again, balance is important no matter what your day to day activities are. Social media marketing can be part of your work at home on-line business plan, bringing you closer to your customers and offering them a way to learn from you. Enjoy!

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